Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.25.56 PMWelcome to the Land of Yum

Food bloggers are arguably the most passionate and authentic of bloggers.  They have something grand to share – their hearts and souls thoughtfully embodied in a gorgeous recipe! YN is thrilled to serve as a second home for our ever-growing bunch of yum chroniclers:  Lisa, who cares more about keeping the hearth afire than a perfectly decorated house… Jodi, an actress with a fanatical obsession for bacon or Laurie, who cuts right to the chase in her Promiscuous Palate blog:  “I love food. Like zombies love brains.  I eat until I’m sick, and an hour later, I want more. Every stinky non-pasteurized cheese. Every slice of house-cured charcuterie. Every fish & mollusk in the ocean. Every vegetable sprouting out of the dirt or mushroom clinging to a rotting tree stump.  Oddly enough, I don’t eat brains.”   For these creatives, there are no limits to yum. So we’re compelled to keep shouting their names from the rooftop. What are you waiting for? Go get some yummie ideas! –Beth Peterson, Chief Yummie Officer 


Featured Blogger

KRAYL FUNCH, ANAPPEALINGPLAN.COM Krayl is all about celebrating life with great friends, food, design, and flowers. After traveling the country for Waterford Wedgwood as an entertaining expert, she launched An Appealing Plan in 2009.  She keeps busy styling photo shoots, blogging, event planning and creating recipes. Her well-honed design aesthetic and home entertaining concepts have been featured in numerous print and broadcast media.

Why do I cook? Because an empty pan is a blank canvas. Because I can show my love, share my passion and create something out of nothing. It’s my way of adding flavor to my life and being salt to this world.
Jessica Maher, Kitchen Belleicious