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Join our new web platform featuring the best of the best entertaining experts, food writers, competitors and home cooking pros. Explore this YN toolkit to learn how to build your web presence at no cost.  Getting started is as easy as bitcoin trading filling out our Contributor Form.

What is Yummie Nation?

A dynamic online gathering of the best of the best bloggers in home cooking and entertaining. United they stand. Each with their unique take. Indivisible in their quest for the yummiest inspirations. Regular folks dishing out tips, tricks, pics and videos on how to keep the yum strumming in your life. One nation of original ideas to embolden home entertainers for inspired living.

Life More Yummie

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How It Works: Flexible, Dynamic & No Cost

Yummie Nation’s Call for Content is loosely structured to allow for optimum creativity from our bloggers on all things yummie. You do not need to meet any editorial deadlines. To post or not to post, that will be up to you! You’ll have a link to upload your post, pics and videos. Once we review, we’ll make it go live.

Of course, we’ll make it worth your while if you post often by promoting your content throughout the YN platform and our social media outlets. To remind you to post, we’ll email you reminders that we’re seeking your seasonal yummie ideas and also periodic requests for specific content. For example: What’s the yummiest ingredient in your arsenal and why? Ok, you get the idea that we’re obsessed with YUM.

Your Yummie Blogger Page

You’ll have your own page on the YN platform. Some details:
  • Designed in Wordpress, you’ll have the ability to post your content, images and video.
  • Your YN posts will be archived on your page as well.
  • Your page will include your photo, a brief description of your focus and a link to your blogspot or wherever else you’d like to drive traffic.
  • We encourage you to submit primarily original posts to YN to reap the full promotional benefits.  We also accept content you’ve already posted on your blog and we’ll tag it accordingly so it does not impact your blogspot’s SEO.
  • Suggested ideal post length is 300 to 400 words.
  • Your posts, recipes, pics, videos must be your own.
  • Video – We strongly encourage you to post video, as we’ll also repost via our special YN multichannel network.
  • Content Ideas - Look for our email reminders to post, along with our specific content requests. Otherwise, we welcome posts anytime on how to make life more yummie with your home entertaining and cooking ideas. They can be inspired by a season, an ingredient, a holiday, a celebration or just cuz.

The YN Benefits Buffet

And it will be a feast indeed. We’ll sing your praises to the world. As a Yummie Blogger, you’ll be part of a community of top bloggers in home entertaining and cooking.
  • Home cooks will visit YN for ideas, tips, tricks and inspiration.
  • Full social media promotions and engagement - Once you’re signed up, we’ll create a blogger profile that will be sent out immediately thru all of our social media channels.
  • YN will create a YN Pinterest board with images from your site and your social media images.
  • YN will promote your page and all of your social media at least once per week.
  • YN is focused on providing valuable educational and networking opportunities to our Yummie Nation Citizens! We’ll encourage you to engage in all social media programs and contests.
  • The brand connection – YN will serve as a connector between bloggers and brands. YN will promote bloggers within our brand relationships, and connect bloggers with brands as programs become available.
  • Educational opportunities – YN bloggers will receive a substantial discount to our FoodFightWrite blog conference held at the World Food Championships this November in Las Vegas. Conference details available at foodfightwrite.com.
  • Phase II of the YN rollout will include a password secure YN blogger-only aspect of the site, where you can access webinars, special interviews and brand information.

Social Media Yum

YN’s already established social media machine will be yummifying the world. Bloggers are promoted via:
Video Postings on our MultiChannel Yummie YouTube Network
Retweets on Twitter: @Yummie_Nation
Posts on Facebook: Yummie_Nation
Your own board on Pinterest: YummieNation
Via the YN Website: www.YummieNation.com

The Dealie

YN has first rights publication to original post/writing (though recipes, images, concepts, videos may have been previously published by you elsewhere). Before we make your posts go live, we reserve the right to copy edit for misspellings, profanities, negative comments or other undesirable things. Our lawyers made us say that, but we do not expect any problems. Since we’re real people, just give us a shout if you ever have a question or concern about your post once it’s gone live.

Next Steps

Easy. Just fill out our form and we’ll be in touch. No need to overthink this one, as there’s no catch and no cost! The YN platform will launch this summer, but we’ll loop you into our YN social media machine even sooner.


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